FORMAT:Original Screenplay, 85 pages

SYNOPSIS: TANIA SUTTERS (African American, 16) moves from Oakland, California to South Central Los Angeles with her mother DELORES excited about a fresh start: a new school, new friends, and hopefully a spot on the girl's Varsity basketball team. TANIA gets more than she bargained for when she meets and falls in love with ambitious dreamer HECTOR RAMIREZ (Mexican- American, 18). He's an ex-con, former gang-banger who's falling madly in love with her too. Hector and Tania's young love is tested by Hectors stormy and self-destructive gang-banger sister MARISOL (17), and Tania's new best friend NONEE (18), a gang- banger who hates Mexicans.

As TANIA experiences firsthand the fierce gang rivalry, racial tensions and violent outbursts that extend beyond high school into the neighborhood, she is torn between a first love and a new best friend, both of whom she has been deeply longing for.

GAME is a contemporary musical, with edgy dancing and blazing music on the pulse of what's hot now. Set in South Central Los Angeles against a backdrop of escalating Black and Mexican gang warfare, it's a gritty retelling of ROMEO & JULIET and WEST SIDE STORY that combines narrative, dance and music for a 2006 urban audience. This uniquely American story reveals how passionate love, self-destructive behavior and undying devotion -- to the wrong thing, can destroy everyone and everything in its path.